Finding a reliable contractor for home repairs, renovation

Another major challenge for a person getting his or home repaired or renovated remains finding a reliable contractor, especially if they have very little money available for renovation and repairs. Most contractors are only interested in big orders, finding a contractor for a small order is a major problem. Most contractors will specify that they will complete the work in a specific period of time. For smaller contracts they may be able to complete the work as specified, however for large complex home renovation projects, often the contractor may leave the work incomplete, sometimes due to factors beyond his or her control.
For example the workers hired by the contractor, may go on leave due to illness or other reasons, or the contractor may be threatened by the local intelligence, security agencies and leave the house renovation work incomplete. In one house, the bathroom and toilet doors do not have latches, due to a contractor who left his work incomplete due to unspecified reasons.
While men will it easy to manage the contractors, it can be a major challenge for vulnerable citizens like single women, senior citizens, as most people try to take advantage of those who are vulnerable, especially in india, where humanity and honesty has disappeared.