Safety, reliability considerations for home renovation

Renovating a house is risky, because the home owner is allowing a stranger access to his or her house, and the information may be misused at a later date for burglary or some other crime. There are many instances where plumbers, carpenters, electricians and others who have been hired for home renovation work have committed a robbery, burglary or in some cases even murder of the people residing in the house. These skilled workers sometimes are looking for quick money, are from other states, and have no qualms stealing money if they think that the home owner is vulnerable, and they will not be caught for their crime.

Another disadvantage is that the contractor who is to do the renovation of the house, may leave the work incomplete without informing the home owner. The home owner may have withdrawn a large amount of cash from the bank account for renovation, and the home owner is left with incomplete work and cash, which is then used to label the person a security threat, tax evasion and having black money.