With free servants at home, security agency employees have clean houses

Top security agency employees justify all their atrocities on, exploitation of, harmless indian citizens, saying that their houses are not clean enough. However they fail to admit the fact that most senior indian government employees have free servants working for them, and can keep their houses spotlessly clean. The army sahayak system got some coverage in the media , if a family is getting one or more free servant, with salary paid by the indian tax payer, the army officers can easily manage to keep their homes spotlessly clean.
However if a person is living alone at home, and has to manage the house, work and also avoid being tortured by security agency employees, it remains very difficult to do all this with limited time available. Before criticizing and exploiting indian citizens for not having a very clean home, these security agency employees should remember the fact that most indian citizens do not have free servants at home , like them.