Coconut broom thrown into compound of domain investor

In an indication of high level organized stalking in panaji, goa, a coconut broom was found inside the compound of the house of the domain investor, google competitor and single woman engineer,on 18 August 2017 in the morning. The broom appeared to be new and it had some black thread tied at the bottom.
There are no buildings in the vicinity, and the broom appears to be intentionally thrown in the compound like many other items over a period of time.
Unlike the NTRO employee parmar’s premika cbi employee eighth standard pass gujju housewife naina, mother of two sons, the broke domain investor cannot afford to install a CCTV system to monitor who is intruding into her house and throwing things into the compound.

Advantages of steel buildings


The recognition of steel buildings has elevated through the years. This kind of construction happens to be popular for commercial and heavy use buildings, but it is now frequently present in homes, apartments and stores. The advantages of steel construction include design, construction and durability factors. Here are a few specific ways that steel will give you a better option for the next construction project. To know more about csi products , do not forget to visit our website.

Buildings built of steel are less expensive in two ways. The first price of the steel resembles traditional presented buildings. Other building materials for example concrete, stone or brick could be much more costly than steel.

Another way that you cut costs with buildings of steel is within their durability. With steel framing, you will never need to exchange studs because of termite damage. Steel does not get dry rot and does not warp or twist within the way that timber can. Steel framing isn’t susceptible to splitting and cracks that may affect buildings presented within the traditional way.

Buildings of steel usually avoid using conventional erection methods. The framework from the building is screwed or welded in position and an epidermis is positioned within the framework. The insulation and interior finishing proceeds in very similar manner as could be completed with traditional construction methods.

Because many steel buildings are pre-engineered, they reach the building site like a complete package. Experienced builders can set up an engineered building rapidly. Typically, the structure is made to maintain compliance with local building codes, so there’s less downtime while waiting for building inspectors to reach and inspect completed servings of the building.

Steel structures tend to be more versatile than traditional buildings. They’re frequently designed as units that may be adjusted as needs change. You can expand how big the building despite the structure is within place. Just add more framework and more panels to pay for the elevated wall space. The fundamental structure may be included to, reduced and redesigned right into a different layout as needed. A steel structure might be moved to a new location if required.

Structurally, steel is more powerful than timber. This assists you to create buildings which are bigger or taller without additional structural support. Steel construction is able to better withstand the forces of nature. Steel will endure hurricane pressure winds, to heavy snowfall and to earthquakes in most cases. It may stand through problems that would result in a wooden presented building to break down.

Each time steel can be used inside a building, a tree is saved. If the structure is original construction or perhaps is a remodeling project, you can be certain that the engineered steel structure is simpler around the atmosphere. Timber is really a diminishing resource on the planet, but steel is renewable.

Steel buildings are attractive, with clean, modern designs that blend with existing structures locally. If you choose steel for farm or industrial buildings, they are able to brighten in the surroundings with attractive colors that blend in to the surroundings. Harmonious blends of window designs, roof colors and wall panels make this kind of building appropriate for nearly every application. Want to know more about rockware ? Visit our website today!

Lift stalking goa style

google and USA are rich and powerful because not only does NSA,CIA help in increasing the profit of google, the indian government ignoring the problems of farmers and poor indian citizens, wastes a huge amount of indian tax payer money to increase the profit of google, destroying the life of harmless google competitors in India and rewarding all the frauds, sex workers sunaina, siddhi, blackmailers like shameless haryana mba hr ruchika king with R&AW jobs falsely claiming that all these frauds have the resume, investment of the google competitor
A huge amount of tax payer money is wasted in India, especially goa to stalk the google competitor by unpatriotic indian government employees., When the google competitor is taking a lift, they will send a person to stalk her in the lift. The google competitor will get off at the second floor and the stalker sent by government employees will go to an upper floor, indicating that the section 420 fraud indian intelligence employees working to increase the profit of google, will promote the fraud as the online expert, domain investor, paypal account holder, while defaming the google competitor as an uneducated fool as part of indian government decision to waste indian tax payer money to increase the profit of google
On 8 July 2017, at around 8.43 am , the panaji stalkers working for google send a blackmailer R&AW employee mba hr ruchika king for lift stalking wearing a dark brown tshirt, culotttes to indicate that the google tata sponsored blackmailer ruchika king, who does not have any paypal account of her own as per financial records is getting credit and a monthly R&AW salary, because india is not an independent country, it is owned by google and the indian government has to waste indian tax payer money to increase the profit of google

Google, tata sponsored slim goan obc bhandari R&AW employee SEX worker sunaina chodan, illegally entering house of domain investor

The lazy greedy shameless Google, tata sponsored slim goan obc bhandari R&AW employee SEX worker sunaina chodan 2013 bsc recruited by the indian government for SEX is too lazy and mediocre to do any work online or have her own career,she is openly involved in identity theft
Lazy greedy shameless Goan obc bhandari call girl sunaina only has SEX with shameless fraud top security agency, NTRO, CBI employees in goa, who then falsely claim that sunaina, SEX worker suppplied by google, tata to indian government employees has the resume, investment of the google competitor, to pay the SEX worker a monthly R&AW salary, give the goan SEX worker great powers for her SEX services
It appears that the security agency employees in goa are also giving tata’s favorite goan SEX worker sunaina the master keys to the house of domain investor and when google, tata goan obc bhandari R&AW employee prostitute sunaina, enters the house illegally with the duplicate keys , the security and intelligence officials in goa enjoying SEX with tata’s call girl falsely claim that the call girl owns the house
However the google, tata sponsored obc bhandari R&AW employee SEX worker sunaina chodan will never have the courage to enter the house of the domain investor, when the real domain investor is in the house, an open challenge to tata, google, NTRO, CBI to send sunaina, their favorite sex worker to the house, when the real domain investor is present or to provide any legal proof that sunaina, VVIP goan SEX worker with no saving or income of her own, owns the house

R&AW paying tata sponsored indore housewife veena domain fraudster, monthly R&AW salary for housekeeping

The dishonesty, incompetence and endless fraud of top NTRO, CBI, R&AW employees can be easily proved by the fact that the indian government and R&AW are wasting indian tax payer money paying a monthly R&AW salary to the google, tata sponsored indore housewife R&AW employee domain fraudster bespectacled veena, mother of a son, only for housekeeping, keeping only her own her clean, after using the R&AW salary for hiring 3-4 servants.
It would be interesting to know on what basis the indian government and raw are falsely claiming that housekeeping, hiring servants, makes indore housewife an expert in the field, how it is related to external intelligence when there are no financial records
With R&AW falsely claiming that housewives like veena only looking after their family are online experts, domain investors, owning this website also, it is not surprising that ISI is rated higher than R&AW internationally.
Even African countries like Tanzania agree that government employees do not have the right to falsely claim that they have the resume, investment of their relatives,and remove these employees, only in India are top indian government officials shameless frauds and falsely claim that fraudsters with fake resumes are online experts

Lighting in the bedroom

Though there are many LED and other lamps available , it is advisable to use a lamp with a low lumen output in the bedroom or reading room. Studies have indicated that very bright lighting can disturb sleep patterns , so it is advisable to use the dim lighting of the desk lamp . These lamps are also cheaper and can be replaced periodically if a change is required. For individuals who are being stalked by local intelligence and security agency employees, dim lighting is more difficult to trace from a distance.

With free servants at home, security agency employees have clean houses

Top security agency employees justify all their atrocities on, exploitation of, harmless indian citizens, saying that their houses are not clean enough. However they fail to admit the fact that most senior indian government employees have free servants working for them, and can keep their houses spotlessly clean. The army sahayak system got some coverage in the media , if a family is getting one or more free servant, with salary paid by the indian tax payer, the army officers can easily manage to keep their homes spotlessly clean.
However if a person is living alone at home, and has to manage the house, work and also avoid being tortured by security agency employees, it remains very difficult to do all this with limited time available. Before criticizing and exploiting indian citizens for not having a very clean home, these security agency employees should remember the fact that most indian citizens do not have free servants at home , like them.

Hiring roofing installation and maintenance services

The roof of a home is often neglected, however it is one of the most important sections of a house as it shelters the rest of the house from the external environment. Roofing companies realize the importance of having well designed, safe and secure roofing for a home, so that people living in the house can remain well protected, and increase the life of the home, preventing structural damage . Duffy Roofing & Restoration has many years experience in designing, installation and maintenance of a wide variety of roofing for homes, offices, shops and other structures in the area, based on the requirement and budget of their customers.

The roofing of a house, building or any structure should be designed to integrate well with the rest of building and roofing services can help the builder select the most suitable roofing for a particular building or structure. While it is convenient to have a flat roof, as it can be used for storage, there are many disadvantages as the water, snow will not drain off, resulting in water leakage in the house, a leaking roof. On the other hand, a sloping roof may be more complex, however the water and other debris will drain off more quickly. It is also important to select the right material for the roofing , for example some homes and offices have transparent roofing, which reduces the electricity bills during the day.

However well designed and well installed a roof may be, without periodic maintenance the roof could get damaged. Periodically the roof should be cleaned to remove all the debris which accumulates on the roof like dust, leaves, bird and animal droppings as these can be corrosive. In some cases, the damaged roof may have holes or other signs of damage will have to be restored using suitable material. Roofing services should have the necessary expertise and equipment to clean and restore the roofing of any structure to maximize the life of the building.

Rat repellent required urgently.

Rats and bandicoots are coming to entrance of a house at the ground floor and are leaving their excreta, dirtying the place and creating a health hazard .
Looking for a cost effective solution to drive away the rats and ensure that they do not come to the entrance of the house again,
Rat repellant chalks and cubes are not working
The area where the rat repellant is placed is not locked, as it is outside the house, so the rat repellant should not be expensive, something that visitors or people passing by. will steal
Rat and mice repellant providers are requested to send their best offer at the earliest to

Safety, reliability considerations for home renovation

Renovating a house is risky, because the home owner is allowing a stranger access to his or her house, and the information may be misused at a later date for burglary or some other crime. There are many instances where plumbers, carpenters, electricians and others who have been hired for home renovation work have committed a robbery, burglary or in some cases even murder of the people residing in the house. These skilled workers sometimes are looking for quick money, are from other states, and have no qualms stealing money if they think that the home owner is vulnerable, and they will not be caught for their crime.

Another disadvantage is that the contractor who is to do the renovation of the house, may leave the work incomplete without informing the home owner. The home owner may have withdrawn a large amount of cash from the bank account for renovation, and the home owner is left with incomplete work and cash, which is then used to label the person a security threat, tax evasion and having black money.